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  • Company Profile

    AfriGrain Trading Limited is an international commodity trading company specializing in the sourcing, logistical management and delivery of agricultural commodities.

    AfriGrain’s primary aim is to add value to the management of the supply chain of commodities and to lower the costs of this chain by facilitating the smoothest possible flow of commodities between the producer and the processor.

  • Operations

    We operate primarily with countries in:

    •  Southern Africa such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana

    •  Europe/Asia such as Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Thailand and Russia

    •  Americas such as United State of America, Brazil and Argentina

    The main commodities and products of AfriGrain are as follows:

    •   Maize (both White and Yellow)

    •   Wheat and Flour

    •   Soya Beans

    •   Rice

    •   Cooking Oil

    AfriGrain deals with the following entities:

    •   The commercial sectors in Southern Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas

    •   Non-Government Organisations such as World Food Programme, Oxfam, Red Cross etc.

    AfriGrain are able to supply commodities in bags or bulk whether it be on an FCA basis or by sea, rail or road, utilising its team and resources who have experience in the following areas:

    •   Vessel charter

    •   Port clearances

    •   Road haulage

    •   Rail

    •   Customs clearance

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